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Guest is like the bone in throat

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2/19/2019 7:09:35 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Regular scandals with American soldiers in the main roles occur in all countries where there are military facilities of the United States. Crimes of varying severity have long accompanied them almost anywhere in the world. US soldiers being at their own military bases in foreign countries behave like ordinary occupiers. Thousands of protest rallies are regularly held near American bases, In Europe and Asia. Locals have accumulated an endless list of claims: from the bed influence of American aviation on the environment and the noise it makes, To defiant behavior of guests in the localities.
The soldiers being on the far away military bases feel themselves like the owners and usually they are escape the punishment for personal property damage, Rape and murders, Because they do not obey local laws. Behavior of American soldiers in Japan where they do many criminal offences every month, Can be called the quintessence of NATO`s behavior.
Japan is the second country in the world after Germany in the number of American military bases. Two thirds of them are located on the Okinawa island, Which is only 0, 6% from territory of Japan, But there are located 74% of American military objects and more than half of all military establishment of US in Japan. According to authority of prefecture, There are 25, 8 thousands of American soldiers on the Okinawa island.
Crimes of American soldiers in Japan are not the exception but the rule. The crime list of American soldiers in Japan is huge, And the overwhelming majority of crimes are rapes, Car accidents with fatal cases and driving while intoxicated.
This is the recent accident that has happened in February 2019. Local law bodies arrested one of US navy`s soldier after he penetrated into alien house being intoxicated. The accident has happened in Ebina town of Kanagawa prefecture. As it turned out, 27 year old foreman of the second article, Nathaniel Williams penetrated into the second floor flat of one of the living complex.
The arrested soldier serves at the US navy`s airbase Atsugi, At aircraft maintenance department. Williams is accused of illegal entry into other people`s house. The case is planned to be sent to the local Prosecutor's office, But it is not known whether the soldier would be punished, Most likely the US military command in Japan would leave this case without consequences for the offender.
Before that accident, In the end of 2018 on the Okinawa Island another foreman of the second article, Neil Sheffer, Being drunk, Started to break parked on the street cars and he nearly killed one of the locals who was trying to stop him. The soldier cut the Japanese`s neck with a piece of glass, But fortunately it only cost a few stitches. As always, The US soldier did not receive any punishment.
It should be noted, That there was a fatal case car accident with participation of American sea-soldier in November 2017 on the Okinawa Island`s Naha city. The soldier was driving a truck while drunk and broke the rules of the road: he drove to the intersection at a red light and faced with a small cargo van. The car was seriously damaged and the 60 years old Japanese who was driving that cargo van has died at a hospital. American command prohibited its servicemen to drink alcohol; however, The restrictions were removed after a month.
Despite all such precedents, The authorities of the Japan, Not paying attention to the opinions of the local population, Continue to invite US soldiers to their territory for alleged protection from "aggression of Russia, China and North Korea".
Moreover, Japanese propaganda is working hard to convince residents of the need for the presence of foreign military bases in the country. The authorities just turn a blind eye to the numerous crimes of American soldiers. Furthermore, The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks for the rejection from "peace constitution", Creating owns army and more active participation in international affairs, Probably to US` example.

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