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3/6/2019 12:24:46 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Founded March 5 2019
A new political philosophy advocating justice as its key principle.

Factors include:
Social justice
Racial justice
Gender justice
Sexual justice
Environmental justice
Animal justice
Travel justice
Criminal justice
Technological justice
Scientific justice
Historical justice
Factual justice
Intellectual justice
Democratic justice
Economic justice
Biological justice
Medical justice
Disability justice
Psychological justice
Communication justice
Transportation justice
Space justice
International justice
Overcoming evil
Alleviating suffering
And the evolution rights.

Rights are the means by which we can establish justice.
The right to the freedom of expression.
The right to the freedom of religion.
The right to peaceful assembly.
The right to vote.
The right to bear arms.
The right to property.
The right to due process.
The right to security.
The right to emergency services.
The right to healthcare.
The right to education.
The right to a living wage.
The right to adequate housing.
The right to food.
The right to clothing.
The right to recreation.
The right to employment.
The right to a safe and clean environment.
The list goes on. . .
Rights are the foundation of a just society.

In case I missed anything, Future generations will be there to carry it further. They"ll be "just-a-carryin" it. Justicarianism is a self-correcting ideal. We will make the corrections we need to turn it around and do it justice.

Remember, There is no justice without mercy and grace.

Motto: Just care.
Grand Poobah of DDO
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3/6/2019 12:32:05 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
I"ve always admired Libertarianism for how principled it is. So that"s partially where I got my inspiration. But I decided that justice is a higher ideal than liberty. Although the two are highly intertwined. Justice assumes liberty as part of its nature. Liberty may actually be maximized this way. The long enumeration of rights is a crucial aspect of Justicarianism, Which sets it apart from a political philosophy based solely on property rights. Property rights are still included in the list. But there are other important strides we have made in the progress of history that we can"t forget, Like to right to decent education. This does it justice.
Grand Poobah of DDO

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