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Japan behind the United States

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3/7/2019 1:23:32 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
The whole world is aware of the US alliance with Japan and their cooperation in many areas of activity, And especially in the military sphere. For example, The beginning of the development of a joint plan of Japan and the United States to respond to their armed forces in the event of threats from China (in the area of the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea). The conclusion of this plan is expected by March 2019. Also, The permanent joint military exercises and the deployment of US bases in Japan.
Thus, The United States plans to deploy large missile defense radar in Japan in addition to the Hawaii radar, Which will be completed in 2023, In Japan in 2025. The new American radar will exchange information with the self-defense forces of Japan and be millimeter-wave radar with enhanced penetration and detection range, As well as the function of positioning and accurate tracking of moving targets.
It is important to note that relations between the United States and Japan cannot be called equal. Japan depends on the States, And they, In turn, Show leniency and use Japan"s financing, Having their own benefits and ulterior motives. When the US insists on something, Japan does not find the strength to refuse. Of course, Japan can show disobedience, But in the end it will still obey the will of America. The Japanese media and the country's population are concerned about the demands of the United States to allow the deployment of the radar station; they fear that if such a large and powerful military facility is located in their country, Japan may become a prime target for Russia and China. And after successfully completing the construction of the radar, Not only will the US"s ability to track and intercept ballistic missiles and aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region increase, But this will also lose its force to the offensive weapons of North Korea, China and Russia, Which Japan is so afraid of. On the Japanese people and the government placement of the radar will have a calming effect. It will also contribute to military integration between the United States and Japan.
Also, It is important to recall that recently the Chinese leader Xi Jinping argued that by 2050, China will become the richest and most powerful country in the world - and Japan will not be able to resist it alone. Therefore, It needs US strength. The Japanese believe that America will not give up its obligations to protect their country - including with nuclear weapons: as long as there is such an obligation.
It should be recalled that according to the information of the Japanese newspaper "Tokyo Shimbun", The Administration of US President Donald Trump said that the United States is obliged to protect Japan under a security treaty in the event of an armed attack. America, Having a great influence on Japan, Could put pressure on the Japanese leadership to provoke China to respond to the situation in the East China Sea. At the same time, The United States immediately indicated that they did not take any position on the issue of sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands, A territorial dispute between the PRC and Japan. Japan hopes that their American ally will play a more constructive role in resolving the dispute in favor of Japan.

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