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Development of Infrastructure in the Arctic

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3/14/2019 9:04:56 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Today in the world there is a surge of interest in the Arctic. The main reason is the willingness of many countries to invest in the development of the rich natural resources of the macro region. Moreover, The Arctic is one of the few places on the planet that still have a national appropriation, Because initially the resources of the Polar region were not divided between the countries. At least five states apply for the Arctic zones: Russia, Norway, Denmark, Canada and the United States. All these countries have access to the coast of the Arctic Ocean. In the future, National claims may be supported by various arguments, But it is clear that the main one is practical, That is, The real readiness of the country to actively develop the north.
And since the development of the Arctic for Russia is a very important task, On December 1, 2014, The Combined Strategic Command "North", Which is more known as the Arctic grouping of troops, Began to perform combat tasks. The decision to restore Russia's military presence in the Arctic was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Approving in February 2013 the Strategy for the Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation and ensuring National Security until 2020.
According to experts, Russia's strengthening of its position in the north is explained by its neighborhood with NATO member states. But at the same time, They also stated that the restoration of the military presence beyond the Arctic Circle is necessary for Russia to reliably protect the natural wealth of the territory. At the moment, It is not known for certain what reserves of oil and gas the Arctic possesses, Which is called the "pantry of the Earth". According to preliminary estimates by scientists, There is about a quarter of the world's proven hydrocarbon reserves under the ice. At the same time, Great importance is given to environmental safety, Waste management and cleaning of the Arctic.
Military expert, Candidate of historical sciences Vadim Solovyov is confident that, Given the increasing international competition for Arctic resources, The creation of the Joint Strategic Command "North" was fully justified. V. Solovyov noted that the area is not simple and it is necessary to develop the Arctic, Prepare the appropriate infrastructure, And accumulate a certain military potential and train personnel in very difficult conditions to ensure environmental safety, Rescue and scientific work. According to the Minister of Defense of Russia, General of the Army Sergey Shoigu, The protection of Russia's national interests in the Arctic region and its active development remain priorities of the activities of the armed forces.
It should be noted that the environmental problems of the Arctic are not a secret to anyone. Since Soviet times, A huge amount of rusty empty barrels, Iron and an insane amount of other garbage have remained. The Russian army, Which is now returning its infrastructure, Began to take out the garbage. "Cleaning" the Arctic is a long and serious work, But it already gives a positive environmental effect.
Viktor Boyarsky, Chairman of the Polar Commission of the Russian Geographical Society, Noted that the program of cleaning the Arctic Archipelago started back in 2012. He summarized that the military presence is a natural stimulus for the development of the region. And it meant not only improving the environment, But also developing the entire infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route, And all this activity is not building up power, But simply returning to a normal state of affairs.
Furthermore, On December 24, 2018 at a meeting of the Public Council at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, S. Shoigu said that by 2019 the Russian Defense Ministry would complete the cleaning of the Arctic islands of scrap metal, And the Russian government stressed that this work is considered essential and necessary activities.

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