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Russian Missile Cruisers

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3/26/2019 10:08:59 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
The US recognized Russian Missile Cruisers as the Deadliest in the World

The famous American information and analytical publication "The National Interest" praised the Russian missile cruisers "Peter the Great", "Admiral Nakhimov", "Kirov" and "Admiral Lazarev" (of the Orlan project). According to the authors of the material, These combat ships are among the most deadly in the world and are not inferior in their firepower to Western opponents.
Military experts from the United States say that these surface ships have become a serious means of confrontation for the "status quo" in the Asia-Pacific region between the leading world powers. In the course of last year"s congratulations to servicemen, Shipbuilders, Engineers and veterans on the Day of the Russian Navy, Defense Minister of the Russian Federation Army General Sergei Shoigu recalled that the Russian navy was over three hundred years old. Also, The defense minister said that the fleet, As before, "was and remains a symbol of the power of the Russian Federation and serves as a reliable pillar of its national security. "
Moreover, Sergei Shoigu in early March 2019 reported that the Russian Navy in 2019 will receive new ships: the frigate "Admiral of the Katasonov Navy", The corvette "Gremyashchyi", The large landing ship "Peter Morgunov", Small missile ships "Mercury" and " Ingushetia ", Patrol ship "Dmitry Rogachev. He also spoke about two new nuclear and one diesel submarines, Which will also strengthen the Russian fleet. In addition, 11 ships and vessels will pass through factory repair.
In "The National Interest", Journalists from the United States noted the large size of Russian missile cruisers, As well as their high firepower. As an example, They cited ships of the type "Kirov" of project 1144, Which are up to 250 meters long and at the same time reach speeds of up to 32 sea knots. Such excellent speed characteristics are provided through the use of a combined nuclear-steam power plant.
Oleg Ponomarenko, A military expert of the Russian Center for Strategic Conjuncture, Agreed with the assessment of Western experts in relation to these missile cruisers and noted that "their lethality is correct. "
"NI" did not forget to mention that in the near future, The Russian Navy cruisers "Peter the Great" and "Admiral Nakhimov" will receive the latest Russian hypersonic anti-ship missiles "Zircon". Modern weapons will significantly increase the combat capabilities and firepower of these ships, Since the "Zircon" has a tremendous speed of up to 8 mach. It should be recalled that the latest tests of the new cruise missile on December 10, 2018 proved its enormous potential. The main feature of the "Zircon" is the impossibility of its interception by modern anti-missile and air defense systems.
It can be concluded that due to its unique characteristics, Regular modernization and the newest weapon system, Russian cruisers will continue to be the most deadly warships and will continue to ensure the protection of Russia's state interests in the world arena.

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