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Are the democrats having a tantrum

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3/31/2019 3:10:30 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
the democrat party elite""I don"t think we deserve brownie points for saying we"re against hate, ""If this statement be true which the democrat party elite made here what explains their unbridled hatred and obsession with Donald Trump and his administration. Could it be that Donald Trump, Inspite of all the money, Illegal votes, Deceased votes cast and other manipulations, With all that, The democrat leftist machine still couldn"t steal/fix the election that Donald Trump won. To paraphrase
Father Michael Pfleger, When Hillary Clinton lost the election to Barack Obama, "I really believe that"the democrat party machine". . Have always thought this about the election Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton, "This is". Ours". Mine! ". We". Just gotta get up and step into the plate". And then out of nowhere came, "Hey, ". I"m Donald Trump". . And the democrat elite said, "Oh, Damn! Where did you come from? ". I"m entitled! There"s a republican, Donald Trump ". Stealing". The". Show! "
"She wasn"t the only one crying, " he shouted as he mockingly pretended to cry, "There was a whole lot of ". Democrats". Crying"" "". We"re ". Entitled! There"s a Donald Trump"stealing". Our". Show. "
The democrat Elite still can't believe that Hillary Clinton didn't become president, The fix was in and it just wasn't right that Donald trump won in spite of the dirty tricks the democrat machine pulled.

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