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Protests against the US military bases

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4/2/2019 3:23:18 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
On March 24, 2019, An explosion occurred at the US naval base "Camp-Dzukeran" located in the central part of the island of Okinawa in Japan. According to the Japanese TV channel NHK, Those responsible for the explosion (if there were several of them) destroyed a part of the fence and get inside the base and detonated a bomb at the entrance to the office of the director of the base. An incident is under investigation now. It is obvious that the US military base, Which was subjected to the explosion, Was not properly guarded, Because the penetration of unauthorized persons into a military facility is an emergency, Which indicates the extremely low organization of the security service system.
Also, It should be recalled that in Japan, And in particular in Okinawa, Where about 70% of all US military facilities in Japan are located, There are regular demonstrations against the presence of the American military contingent, Which, Due to the US-Japan security treaty, Is located at its military bases in the Land of the Rising Sun.
As it is known, Residents and authorities of Okinawa island have long advocated reducing the US military presence on the island - this is due to the high level of crimes and offenses committed by the US military against local residents, Such as driving being drunk and car accidents, Theft, Rape and murder. However, The Americans are not responsible for their actions before a Japanese court, But before the US military commission, And the authorities, Undoubtedly, Make concessions to their military servicemen or publicly give the real for the desired.

Also, In a referendum held in Japan in February 2019, The majority of residents voted to transfer another American military base called Futemma beyond the Territory of Okinawa Island. In turn, The Japanese government declared before the referendum that they would ignore its results and block any legislative initiative, Which indicates that for Japan the relations with the United States are more important, Which in turn also have their own hidden interests in such relations After all, The Japanese themselves are not able to ensure the security of their country, Which has permanent territorial problems with the surrounding states.

However, Experts believe that the Japanese are more concerned not with the presence of military contingent in their territory, But with the "possible under certain conditions" allegedly transferring to the Japanese side of the southern Kuril Islands ridge (the so-called by the Japanese themselves "northern territories") from Russia. Therefore, The Japanese started talking about the removing of the US troops from the base in Okinawa, And on March 1, 2019, Japanese Prime Minister S. Abe, At a meeting with Okinawa"s governor Danny Tamaki, Even said that the Japanese government could no longer postpone the issue of removing the American Futamma base from Okinawa Prefecture. It is obvious that in this way official Tokyo is trying to "smear" to Moscow, Hoping that it will transfer the right to possession of the Kuril Islands. Also, The Japanese side has repeatedly declared about investments in Russia in various fields of activity, And in particular the development of infrastructure in the Far East of Russia and trade and economic relations between the two countries.

But in turn, The Russian government, Headed by President V. Putin, Absolutely does not have such plans, And at a meeting in Singapore in November 2018, The heads of the two countries only agreed that they would activate the negotiation process on the peace treaty between the two countries, And they will continue to work together within the framework of the 8-point cooperation plan established in 2018. And in January 2019, At a meeting of the heads of two states, The Russian leader said that "when discussing a peace treaty, The parties will look for a formulation that suits everyone". Apparently, It seemed to Japanese politicians that Russia had already actually parted with part of its territory. However, The government of V. Putin is not going to do this at all, And the issue of the ownership of the Kuril Islands is not at all a subject to discussion.

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