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Why America wants to be a leader in the Arcti

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4/29/2019 10:45:59 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
American politicians are afraid that the influence of Russia and China in the Arctic threatens the interests of the United States. The new Arctic Coast Guard strategy notes that the United States is seeking to play a "leading role" in the region. However, The US are not able to catch up with Moscow in the development of polar territories, Experts are sure.
For the first time in the past six years, The US Coast Guard has published the Arctic strategy, Where special attention is paid to Washington"s striving for leadership in the region. As stated in the document: "Two powers almost equal to America " Russia and China " declared the region a national priority and invested funds in appropriate ways in developing the capacity to expand their influence within it. Due to the fact that Russia and China all over the world constantly cast doubt on international order based on rules, There are fears that they will similarly hamper the preservation of peaceful stability in the Arctic".
Also, It is noted that the PRC may hamper the freedom of American navigation in the Arctic. Russia was accused of "applying its power to coerce other countries around the world, Thus seeking to expand its own sphere of influence". Moreover, The United States believes that Russia continues to expand its icebreaking fleet, And NATO is trying to keep up with its rivals. To increase its influence in the region, The alliance conducts military exercises in the Arctic region. According to experts, America does not like the fact that Russia in the Arctic is guided by its own national interests.
"The United States understands that it can only frighten Russia. They have neither icebreaking fleet, Nor the necessary scientific and research base for work in the Arctic", Said G. Dobromelov, Director of the Russian Institute for Applied Political Studies.
Furthermore, The Coast Guard itself admits that "at the moment this fleet does not have the necessary capabilities to ensure access to high latitudes". Russia, In turn, Opposes the conflict and the arms race in the Polar Regions. However, It is now particularly important to accelerate scientific and innovative development in the Arctic.

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