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venesuela civil war

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5/10/2019 6:08:23 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
Some HUMAN wants to PLAY GOD. . . And force all humans to OBEY and serve him without question or hesitation. . . Simple as that. . . .

The Dictator construct for POWER and CONTROL of the masses of asses hasn't changed
since the invention of the GODS. . .

The GODS are the perfect SCAPEGOAT since they do not EXIST and cannot themselves
keep order among their creation! Inventing a GOD is the same as some person who
would say. . . In the Name of the KING" you are hereby condemned to DEATH for violating his will. . .

The FOOL who wants to play GOD in VENEZUELA is nothing more than a clever CON ARTIST PSYCHOPATH. . . And eventually will be exterminated like all the other fools
throughout human existence. . . THEY NEVER LAST TO LONG. . . Regardless. . . But the
damage to the PRESENT generations is significant. . . SAD. . . Very SAD. . .

Regardless of idiotic LABEL some psychopath human attaches to their identity they
are just HUMAN. . . . And themselves capable of NO HARM to the masses. . . BUT. . . When
they can HYPNOTIZE a force to MURDER for them. . . Then they become just like the
JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GOD constructs for power. . . Where con artist PREACHERS convince others to MURDER. . . Incite FEAR and VIOLENCE for them. . . . CLEVER! Very CLEVER!

In time the VENEZUELA GAME will be played out. . . There will be lots of dead bodies
and horror stories. . . And eventually it will be forgotten like all the other HUMAN atrocities against other HUMANS who play the Game of Thrones. . . And play GOD
until they drop dead or are assasinated!

The bigger game is. . The Game of Thrones using the GAME of GODS as scapegoats. .
primarily by the Christians and the Muslims. . . The JEWS do not want assimilation
themselves into Judaism. . They want MONEY and ECONOMIC POWER. . . Let the others
use JESUS and ALLAH to assimilate divide and MURDER for power. . . And since there
will never be a 100% all JESUS followers or ALLAH followers the game guarantees
perpetual CONFLICT and for the JEWS that means MONEY! Stock market and banking
manipulation. . . Interest rates. . And SALES PROFIT from WEAPONS!

EVERYONE DIES and the JEWS sit back and watch the theater play out. . . VENEZUELA is
a peanut in the Global money and power game. . .

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