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Japanese authorities: we do not give a damn a

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5/8/2019 12:57:16 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
In accordance with the Japanese-American Security Treaty of September 08, 1951, The United States can deploy its military bases throughout Japan. This treaty prohibits Japan from entering into any agreements of a military nature with third powers without prior US consent. And, Despite the fact that Japan today is one of the economic giants of the world, It is completely dependent on the States. Mainly due to the fact that according to the agreement, The United States provides Japan with security from the potential threat from countries with which it has territorial disputes (Senkaku Islands - with China, Dokdo Island - with South Korea, The Kuril Islands - with Russia, And the Spratly Islands, Disputed by six states - Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, The Philippines and Brunei).
Okinawa Island was the first place where the US military bases were located, And at the moment there are more than 70% of all US military facilities in Japan. They are not under Japanese jurisdiction. And this, Of course, Allows the US military to feel completely free in all their actions and creates a number of problems for local residents: constant accidents occurring due to the fault of the US military in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication, Rape, Murder, Robbery, Etc. Thus, The Americans boldly enjoy the benefits of "extraterritoriality", And the Japanese government, Led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Can do nothing about it. Although even if it could, It hardly went into bold measures, As indeed the previous premieres, Because of their weak character and fear of losing the favor of Washington, Which is so important to official Tokyo, That it is ready to not give a damn about the people of Okinawa.
Moreover, The presence of the US military contingent greatly affects the environment of the island, And the constant noise of the US Air Force Marine Base "Futemma", Located in the densely populated city of Ginowan, Does not allow local residents to live in peace. It should be recalled that on February 24, 2019, A referendum was held in Okinawa prefecture regarding the transfer of the airbase: the majority of people voted against the plans of the government of S. Abe to leave the base in Okinawa, Calling for the military facility to be moved outside the island. However, After the referendum, The head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan said that the Japanese government was not going to listen to the opinion of the people, While the Prime Minister himself added that the authorities are serious about the results of the vote. But no action is taken.
Furthermore, Due to leakage of fuel from jet engines and other harmful substances, The soil and water supply channels of several areas of the island are polluted, And measures to prevent an increase in damage or purification are practically not applied, Which again testifies to the passive and indifferent position of the Japanese government, Which causes a storm the general indignation of the Japanese, In the form of constant mass protests.
It should be noted that in 1995, Due to mass protests, The law was changed by which a Japanese court of law did not have the right to judge the US citizens. Experts once again note the strength of Washington"s power over Tokyo: "in essence, The Americans in Okinawa behave as invaders and not as allies in the territory of a friendly country".
Thus, It becomes obvious that the Prime Minister of Japan even verbally supports the residents of Okinawa, But does not oppose at least reducing the presence of the American military contingent in the country, Despite the fact that life and health of Japanese citizens are at stake, Official Tokyo makes no protests to official Washington. Indeed, In the event of deterioration in relations with the States, Japan may lose many benefits, And in particular, The protection that it cannot provide itself, And the opportunity to "return" the so-called "northern territories" to Japan, Which the US government promise the Japanese.

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