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The rotten empire

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5/28/2019 11:27:22 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
Japan was especially distinguished by its cruelty during the World War II and the Sino-Japanese War, For which modern Japanese do not like to remember now, And the majority is not out of shame. One of the horrors perpetrated by the Japanese then can be attributed to the "comfort stations" or in other words, Field brothels, Which worked until the end of the war. The initiator of their organization for the Japanese army was lieutenant general Yasuji Okamura, Citing his suggestion that the soldiers, Raping women, Become infected with sexually transmitted diseases and the emergence of anti-Japanese sentiment. And, It is not difficult to guess that he got a green light from the government.

Thus, In 1932, In Shanghai appeared the first " comfort stations ", When many Korean and Chinese women were deceived by announcements about the provision of work by "special nurses" for a decent reward, Which many Japanese women initially came to at their own will, And later there began to bring prisoners from the Philippine and Indonesian camps. And in total, Women from 17 countries of the world "worked" there. And it was not only young women, But also very young girls, Even younger than 15 years old.

Despite the fact that in 1945, Japan unconditionally surrendered and the war was over, The suffering of those women did not end. After all, How could they continue to live after the endured hell? Most of the survivors, Even out of shame, Kept in secret all the events they had experienced. But there were those who stood up to protect the victims and in the 90s gave publicity to the horrors of military times. For example, In South Korea, Surviving "comfort women" every Wednesday participate in a weekly protest in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, Which was authored by Korean Council for Women Invoked for Military Sexual Slavery in Japan "to tell the public about the cruel treatment of the Japanese military with women, And put pressure on the Japanese government to receive a formal apology.

Moreover, In 2011, A monument appeared in Seoul, Perpetuating the sufferings of "comfort women", And in 2016 the same was erected in Busan. The reaction of an official Tokyo was sharp. And many in the government of Japan still believe that women "worked" in these institutions voluntarily for money. For example, In 2007, The Japanese Prime Minister Sindzo Abe said that the mass of victims was not proven, And the living conditions of women were much better than those of officers. And in 2013, The Co-Chairman of Japan Innovation Party, Hashimoto Toru, Stated that they were necessary to "maintain discipline" and provide "some rest" to the military, Who risked their lives.

As South Korean activist Kim Bok Ton recalls, One of the surviving "comfort women" who died in February 2019 at the age of 92 years old and who never got an apology from the Japanese government for her broken life and the lives of her sisters in misfortune, The Japanese soldiers lined up in lines of 50 people a day to "rest". Also, In response to the fact that in 2016, Japan donated one billion yen to finance the victims in compensation, Said that the Koreans would not accept the money, Even if they were given 10 billion, Explaining that it"s not about the money, But the fact that the Japanese still say that they "went to work in the stations for solace of their own accord".

Thus, The reluctance of certain Japanese politicians to recognize responsibility for the actions of their army during the World War II is associated with the desire to get rid of the image of the "guilty country and the aggressor". And the appearance of new history textbooks makes it possible to conclude that today's government approved the actions of the former militarists.
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6/18/2019 8:50:02 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
EMPIRE? What about the ROMAN EMPIRE? And the EGYPTIAN? And the NAZI?

All have come and gone. . . Regardless of how long they survived. . . All FALL!

That is the constant of EMPIRE! Especially those built on FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE. . . All FALL. . . All FAIL miserably. . . It's only sad and bad for those who are
actually caught up in the HUMAN EXTERMINATION and ASSIMILATION process.

The Japanese have a long history. . . And it is full of bitter disputes and rivalry among each
other as a select few PSYCHOPATH leaders attempt to control it all. . And FAIL!

How about KIM in N. Korea. . Are all his caged ant people thriving? And in China
are all the ants thriving? And India? Same in Europe and America. . . A small percentage totally exploit the rest. . . Nothing new. . .

What of the 3 billion people now in POVERTY and OPPRESSION? No matter. . . All that
is relevant is for some Japanese person with an idiotic TITLE drop to his or her knees
and BEG like a DOG for forgiveness of the atrocities committed by long dead war
personal and the WAR itself. . . Mostly forgotten. . . YOU use it in the same way the JEWS
use the 3rd REICH as a TOOL for. . . ALL HUMANITY MUST REMEMBER this. . . Blah. . . Blah. . . . Blah. . . ? Like it hasn't happened before in human history. . .

In FACT the JEWS wreaked DEATH and DESTRUCTION over thousands of years on others. . . OH, That does not matter. . . Only what the NAZI did?

OK so the Japanese totally USED and ABUSED then shoved all the atrocities under a rug to forget. . . What society and culture on EARTH has not experienced the same thing

How about those NATIVE AMERICANS? Forced to OBEY the CHURCH. . . Their way of
life CONDEMNED. . . Their food source DESTROYED. . . Their lands taken away. . . ++++
Oh, That does not matter. . . The JAPANESE MUST GET ON THEIR KNEES and BEG like a DOG for forgiveness. . . . . WOOF WOOF! They must bark. . .

No. . NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. . . No matter. . . YOU are OBSESSED with this quest for
REVENGE. . . . Well keep at it. . . Someday YOU will drop dead. . . And your quest will have
FAILED like all other human quests to get an "I'm SORRY" from a person that had nothing to do with it!

Want JUSTICE? You have it between YOUR EARS. . . The other 7 billion humans that are
here NOW. . . Can't hear YOU. . . And truthfully could care less. . . They have their own conflicts to tend to. . . .

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