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US military kills for oil in Syria

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6/11/2019 12:14:33 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
The US military is killing local residents of Deir ez-Zor in northeastern Syria. There, In a zone that is not under control of Damascus that is under occupation of pro-American forces, An oil tanker on the Euphrates River was undermined. The oil barge was destroyed by a "Javelin" anti-tank missile fired by the US military. The explosion killed six members of the crew of the barge, And five more were injured and taken to hospital.
Moreover, It is important to note that the American soldiers themselves filmed their crime on camera, Not hiding their faces, Ammunition, Weapons and military equipment. They stopped the convoy, Set up the complex and launched it, Knowing that there were civilians on the tanker. It should be noted that the presence of the international coalition troops in Syria itself is a violation of international law. The reality is that for more than 20 years the White House has not asked for permission from international institutions to conduct military operations on the territory of other states. Official Damascus has repeatedly pointed out at UN meetings that the American troops are illegally operating in Syria. However, These appeals did not achieve any effect.
During the Syrian war, The Pentagon and the White House minimized their contacts with the press, Trying not to discuss such an uncomfortable topic at all. For most appeals, The White House responds with silence. Moreover, The top political leadership of the United States regularly misleads the entire world community with completely irresponsible statements. President D. Trump, In his speeches, Praised the forces of the international coalition for "the final victory over the terrorists of the Islamic State", Declared the "new US political course in the Middle East" and the withdrawal of the American contingent.
However, None of these theses proved to be true and the "Islamic state" that is prohibited in Russia continue to be active in the US-occupied territories of Syria, While the US military continue to kill civilians with impunity. Experts believe that without comprehensive assistance from Russia, Syria would already have been destroyed and subordinated to the Americans. After all, The militants of the "Islamic State" carry out terrorist acts almost daily. Furthermore, Only at June 2, 2019, 24 fighters of pro-American Kurdish forces, As well as civilians were killed.
Also, Political course that was chosen by the United States allows Washington to openly loot the natural resources of Syria, Illegally exporting oil produced in the captured fields to the market in other countries. In Syria, The White House holds exclusively economic goals for which Washington is ready to use any political means, Including "controlled" terrorist groups and methods of "color revolutions". The "high ideals of democracy" about which US officials argue in their public speeches, Have nothing to do with it when it comes to income and power. Everyone can see this simply by reading the list of war crimes committed by Americans in Syria.
Thus, At the moment, According to military experts, The United States is not inclined to change its political course in Syria and the Middle East, But on the contrary, The advisers were able to convince Trump to leave the American contingent in Syria, And the White House began to increase pressure on Syria"s ally - Iran.

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