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US aggression could blow up the Middle East

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7/8/2019 3:13:53 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
US aggression against Iran could blow up the region!

You do not need to be an analyst or professor to understand that the time of D. Trump's presidency is the time of the destruction of strategic stability in the world. The United States withdrew from the INF Treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty), Constantly intervene in the affairs of other states, Conduct a cunning policy in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region, For example, Maintains a tense situation on the Korean Peninsula and imposes tough sanctions against China, And now Washington can take aggressive actions towards Iran instead of settling a nuclear deal. Analysts do not exclude that these actions could blow up the entire Middle East.
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7/12/2019 12:06:42 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
the Middle East? Has been a hotbed of DEATH and DESTRUCTION lng before AMERICA was invented. . . TRUMP is a TEMPORARY blip on the history timeline. . . He will come and go like all so called leaders do. . .

Ancient ROME had a 1300 year run and VANISHED around 400 AD they infiltrated and influenced many cultures. . . Now the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is what remains of the
EMPIRE with 2 billion hypnotized and brainwashed sheeple. . . They use the JESUS hoax
as their TOOL for assimilation and control. . . . IRAN? Who cares. . . They are also a blip on the timeline. . . BUT. . . . ALLAH? Their GOD hoax invention has 2 billion hypnotized sheeple slaves. . . .

So IRAN is a JOKE. . . But the GOD game is very REAL. . . And sadly where the PROBLEM resides. . . The NUCLEAR FARCE is a cover up. . . With eyes in the sky (satellite) and on the ground. . . People on the inside of the political theater. . . . Anything IRAN or N KOREA attempts is visible and can be taken out immediately. . . The threat is to the general population by the Religious psychopaths. . . Who will gladly sacrifice themselves for a place in eternal bliss!

SOLUTION? Not TRUMP. . . Not any President or Clown Congress Party. . . It's the elimination of the Middle East GODS as relevant. . . All 3. . . The JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God
hoaxes must be reduced to Comic Book Mythology just as ZEUS and ODIN +++ countless other GODS humans invented and discarded over the past 8, 000 years. . .

Physical WAR and BOMBS etc are OVER. . They are tools in a pathetic card GAME of THRONES theater. . . The real threat is GENETICALLY ENGINEERED DISEASE. . . . Like AIDS
that was launched in the late 1970's and targeted the GAY and BLACK communities worldwide. . . . BIOWARFARE and ECONOMIC WARFARE is the new frontier for POWER and CONTROL of the masses. . . Along with ENVIRONMENTAL WARFARE for resource acquisition. . . . The days of the FACE OFF in the FIELDS is OVER. . . Fact is there are to many humans on the planet and there must be a CORRECTION. . . . Just like the DEPRESSION
of the 1930's which was a deliberate ACT. . .

TRUMP is a small TEMPORARY player in a global GAME of THRONES. . .

WAKE UP! Just review the long list of ROMAN EMPERORS most were assassinated
and served from a few months to a few years if they were lucky. . . . And where is ROME NOW. . . Alive and well cloaked under the facade of the CHURCH and JESUS. .

TRUMP did not incite the Middle East disrupt. . . It was present long before him and will be long after him. . . There is a much bigger GAME being played by invisible players. . . .
why do you think CHINA has a President for LIFE? Because they work in 50 to 100 year cycles. . . AMERICANS are such arrogant FOOLS to think some person with a temporary TITLE / LABEL in Government will impact humanity beyond their VERY SHORT TERM!

Do YOU speak of REAGAN? CARTER? BUSH? CLINTON? OBAMA? Where are they now on the global GAME BOARD? Nowhere. . . . Writing books and playing golf. . . .

WAKE UP FOOL. . . . America is 400 years old. . . A blip on the timeline of other Nations who have been around for 8000 years +++. . . .

See CHINA sitting on its ASSzz waiting for TRUMP? Hahahaa. . . They are moving at light speed globally in every sector. . . Most US UNIVERSITIES are 30% + chinese students

America is truly the worlds TOILET. . . . TRUMP is trying. . . He knows how far behind AMERICA is in infrastructure. . . . After TRUMP? It only gets worse as America goes backwards to accommodate everyone else's growth!

Live your best life NOW while YOU CAN. . . You have ZERO impact on humanity. . . .
there will be a massive reduction. . . . . Regardless. . . By mid century most of his generation will be extinct and forgotten. . . . CHINA and INDIA. . . + some EUROPEAN will lead the way
as AMERICA is drowned in ECONOMIC DEPRESSION and HARDSHIP. . . Deliberately. . .
don't ever think the Clowns of Congress serve AMERICA the IDEA! Like Roman Senators of the Ancient times. . They serve THEMSELVES FIRST. . . . Presidents are like the
EMPERORS. . . They come and go. . . .

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