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Protecting Syrian oil from the Syrians themse

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10/30/2019 8:11:41 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
Protecting Syrian oil from the Syrians themselves

The conflict in Syria affected not only the situation in the region itself, But throughout the world. In the end, The world community could see absolute indifference and inaction on the part of the EU countries, The inadequacy of the actions of America, And here only Turkey and Russia wanted to make peace in the region.

Bombing the cities with civilian casualties, Financing and assisting the Kurds in the fight against the Syrian government, Withdrawal of American troops from the Syrian territory under the threat of destruction by Turkish troops of Kurds are examples of such weird contradictive actions. So now, When the situation has begun to stabilize (thanks to the efforts of peacekeeping associations), The United States is again sending troops to Syria to "protect oil fields from the terrorists".

This goal, Which could allow weakening the terrorist groups forces, Might seem good one, But there is one nuance. According to the statement of the Pentagon"s head, The US military intends to prevent the Russian and Syrian military from entering these fields.

But even if we imagine that Russians want to "occupy" Syrian oil, Which is contrary to Moscow"s position, The protection of the Syrian oil fields by Americans from the Syrian themselves raises many questions. In other words, America threatens to use forces against the Syrian government if it will try to use its own oil fields.

So what does Washington want? Didn't"Trump"s"mother tell him that taking other people`s oil was bad?

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