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The memory of the people about the war

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4/7/2020 6:15:40 PM
Posted: 5 months ago
The 75th anniversary of the victory of the Allied forces over fascism in World War II is drawing near. 1945 was a decisive year for Europe in the defeat of the Nazis. From the beginning of this year, The enemy was persecuted from everywhere. On January 17, Warsaw was liberated from fascist occupation, On April 4 - Bratislava, Etc.

Annually, Commemorative events around the world are held in memory of this.

In 2020, The celebration of Victory is overshadowed by a virus that, In its scale, Seems to want to compare with the fascist evil.

This year, The winners were honored in Italy on the eve of the outbreak of COVID-2019. There, In the regions of Liguria and Piedmont, Ceremonies were held dedicated to the hero Fedor Poletaev, A Soviet pilot who died protecting the Italian people from the Nazi invaders as part of a detachment of Italian partisans.

The events have taken on a wide scale - from laying flowers at the memorial to a solemn procession and meeting. They were attended by prominent politicians and leaders of public organizations. Among them are the leaders of the regions of Piedmont and Liguria, Italian parliamentarian Federico Fornaro, ANPI presidents Alessandria and Genoa Roberto Rossi and Massimo Bisca, Fivl vice president Carlo Scotti, President of the Ry. Al. Ge Association Mara Skagna, Guests from Russia.

A ceremonial speech in honor of the victory over fascism was made by Mara Scania, Roberto Rossi, Massimo Bisca. They emphasized the significance of events 75 years ago for the modern world, Noted the role of the Soviet and Italian people in the victory over fascism. The president of the regional council of Liguria, Alessandro Piana, Also joined them.

The importance of the Victory in World War II is hard to overestimate and I would like to hope that the rapid spread of the virus will not overshadow the memory of peoples about this event.
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4/24/2020 2:30:09 AM
Posted: 5 months ago
As if the Spanish FLU and WW 1 were not enough. . . How about another WAR. . .

look more closely on a GLOBE of EARTH and see the utter IDIOCY of humans who
"PLAY GOD" and were clever enough to isolate information so the masses would
unite and kill each other off for the sake of a few world class PSYCHOPATHS. . .

Especially the ones in the BANKING SYSTEM. . . Who do you think funded all the WARS?
and WHO really BENEFITTED from them? The masses? The children? WHO?

the GLOBAL GAME of THRONES for power and control over the masses and EARTH
resources continues NOW. . . As CHINA the sleeper for 5000 years has risen within
30 years to be the driving invisible ( the media is not reporting CHINA infiltration
globally ) force exploiting humans and EARTH for their own gain and POWER. . .

Where has CHINA been in the Middle east conflict? Do they have boots on the ground
anywhere the allies are. . . NO. . . They understand ECONOMIC WARFARE. . . Bloody battles
are the we been there done that many times over 5000 years. . There is a better way
to POWER. . Let others FIGHT and DIE for us! The ART of WAR without GUNS / BOMBS

. . This is the information AGE. . And Ai going forward. . . Fcacial recognition and information
about your every move. . . This is a NEW FRONTEIR of CONTROL. . .

Sad for the SOLDIERS and FAMILIES of past WARS not only the last 100 years but
8000. . . All the way back to MESOPOTAMIA = IRAQ. . . And returning 8000 years later

Humans just can't get past DEATH and DESTRUCTION. . . Among themselves. . .
No other creature does what humans do. . To each other and the planet. . .

Those who perished in battles over totally PSYCHOTIC HUMANS still do so today. . .

Till humans WAKE UP and never support these parasite MINDS. . . Their EXTINCTION
is all but GUARANTEED. . . And like the DINOSAUR. . . . Forgotten till dug up this time by explorers from another world. . .

CAPTAINS LOG. . . Stardate 3500. . . . Discoveries of a several civilizations on Class M planet
3 in Solar System C33. . . Indications of biological devistation and nuclear fusion indicate
a SUB INTELLIGENT SPECIES unable to transcend its differences leading to EXTINCTION
EVENTS. . . Forward DATA to PLANETARY ARCHAEOLOGY DIVISION. . Species humanoid. . .
for further investigation. . . End message
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6/20/2020 2:16:41 AM
Posted: 3 months ago
Well I look videos about the war in the world, However each remember are good. So It is sad but important remerber this acts
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