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Immigrants warn United States about socialism

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6/19/2018 4:11:22 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Immigrants Who Escaped Socialist Countries Warn the U.S.

Reina expressed, "When readers get to know about why I left El Salvador, they will also understand why I am so passionate against agendas that pretend to care for the poor but enslave entire nations."

She notes, "First they do it through indoctrination and then radically transforming the system when people finally see those changes as okay and acceptable."

She explains why women must understand the power of politics in her first article "Why Politics Must Matter to Everyday Women." She details the realities of life she experienced under a socialist country as a warning to Americans:

-Ended my mother's small business in El Salvador.

-Affected the budget of the university where my father worked reducing his income to a small pay check every few months.

-Created class warfare.

-Increased anti-American sentiment.

-Led people to want to remove free enterprise and individual rights to create "equality."

-Politics made business owners move to other countries and stopped job creation where these businesses started.

-Increased taxes on everything possible including some groceries.

-Redistributed land and wealth in the name of social justice and income equality.

-Persuaded some that killing business owners was okay to punish the wealthy and anyone who had more than what they had.

-Isolated entire nations keeping them in poverty and without freedoms.

-Changed health care systems to become socialized and promised people medical care for everyone, but instead many died while waiting for government approval to see a doctor or to have a test.

-Caused some to be without or not enough food.

-Took away from parents the freedom to choose how they would educate their children.

-Took away their religious freedoms.

-Imposed dictators indefinitely.

-Produced the exodus of people escaping their own countries while others less fortunate remained captive.
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6/20/2018 1:37:01 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
You're over 100 years late. Ever since 1913, the United States has tended toward socialist policy. They're (the U.S.) is just better at convincing most of its populist that it's Capitalist.