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Hillary Clinton Big Issues

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1/14/2016 3:40:13 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Here's what I think.

Abortion - Pro
"Affirmative Action - Pro
"Animal Rights - Idk
"Barack Obama - Pro
"Border Fence - Idk
"Capitalism - Pro
"Civil Unions - Con
"Death Penalty - Pro
"Drug Legalization- Pro
"Electoral College - Pro
"Environmental Protection - Pro
"Estate Tax - idk
"European Union - idk
"Euthanasia - idk
"Federal Reserve - Pro
"Flat Tax- Con
"Free Trade - Pro
"Gay Marriage - Pro
"Global Warming Exists - Pro
"Globalization - Pro
"Gold Standard - Con
"Gun Rights - Con
"Homeschooling - Pro
"Internet Censorship - Con
"Iran-Iraq War - Con
"Labor Union - Pro
"Legalized Prostitution- Unknown
"Medicaid & Medicare - Pro
"Medical Marijuana - Pro
"Military Intervention - Pro
"Minimum Wage - Pro
"National Health Care - Pro
"National Retail Sales Tax - Unknown
"Occupy Movement - Pro
"Progressive Tax - Pro
"Racial Profiling - Con
"Redistribution - Pro
"Smoking Ban- Unknown
"Social Programs - Pro
"Social Security - Pro
"Socialism - idk
"Stimulus Spending - Pro
"Term Limits - Unknown
"Torture - Pro
"United Nations - Pro
"War in Afghanistan - Pro
"War on Terror - Pro
"Welfare - Pro
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1/14/2016 3:42:44 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 1/14/2016 3:40:13 PM, tajshar2k wrote:

This oughta help:
"If anyone wants to engage in casual anti-Semitism, then whatever." ~Max

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