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Trump - Worst...Candidate...EVER

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2/19/2016 5:14:12 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I'd prefer any of the remaining candidates in either party to Trump, because Trump is a moron.

The guy just shouts what he thinks people want to hear, regardless of the fact that he can't do most of what he claims he'll do.

He thinks people want to hear that he'll be tough on immigration - so that's what he says. He thinks people want to hear that Washington isn't working, so he says he's not from Washington and he'll fix it.

What he says angers both sides of the spectrum.

I'm about as anti-PC as it gets, yet I think Trump is a moron because he's full of hot air and promises he can't possibly keep.

He's also more likely to cause World War 3 or a nuclear holocaust than he is to solve any problems.

When someone points out how foolish he is, he whines like a giant baby. It doesn't matter who points out his idiocy - he'll attack them back, even if it's the Pope. THE POPE!

He's a pathetic doddering fool. If he actually had a spine, he'd admit most of what he's saying is complete B.S.

I honestly don't understand why anyone would vote for pathetic fool Donald Trump, unless you want someone who not only won't do what he claims he'll do, but will probably start World War 3 or nuclear holocaust.