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Clothes off+lube+tissues= USA politics

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3/5/2016 4:43:10 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Step 1. Remove all items of clothing
Step 2. Get comfortable, apply lube
Step 3. Slowly and gently stroke.
Step 4. Increase stroke rate , and start talking politics

Oh stump the trump no no its sanders but wait here comes Hilary,
People say why not vote in 1 day all together.
1 day . Are they crazy ? This political talk is way way to much fun . His a video of trump , no no watch this vid on Hilary , oh but sanders can do a hand stands .
You guys simply love it hey? Look at the posts.

Well this must be the main election time hey? No no just the primary

Well you guys get to vote 30 times each hey ? No no just once

ohhhhh trump just said .
Yeah but Hilary said sanders , wow wow
Bush is gone but trump said sanders Hilary. Oh oh oh oh
Trump, trump, sanders, Hilary, Hilary, Hilary, sanders , Hilary, trump sanders sander , oh oh oh oh , mmmmmmm. Politics USA style
Use tissues to clean mess.
Catch your breath , wait 15 mins then repeat.