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Should EU go ahead with Turkey deal

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3/18/2016 1:23:45 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The eu has agreed a proposal to put to the Turkish government to help solve the European migration crisis. Initially it was suggested a huge amou. nt of financial aid be given to Turkey in addition to allowing Turkish citizens visa free travel in the European unions schenghen area. This would have been in return for Turkey trying to prevent migrants from leaving its shores and agreeing to accept back any migrants who reach Greece. For every migrant sent back the eu would accept one Syrian migrant from inside Turkey to be settled somewhere in Europe. The eu was also going to open discussions on Turkey joining the eu.

However president erdogans authoritarian government appear to be cracking down on academics and journalists and enforcing censorship on the media. It appears fairly clear Turkey is not a true democracy so any deal allowing it a path to eu membership is surely a case of the eu abandoning its principles to help ease a major problem.

The latest proposal appears to be watered down with lower than initially reported levels of financial aid and 72 conditions Turkey must meet before Turkish citizens get visa free schenghen area travel but maintaining the plan to send migrants back to Turkey from Greece in return for the eu accepting Syrian refugees within Turkey.

I oppose erdogans authoritarian Islamic government and the European union but I think in the circumstances this deal would be a decent result for all involved as it should stop the flow of migrants which in the long term will deter others from embarking on the journey.