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Obama and the establishment republicans

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3/21/2016 1:08:53 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Its rare when two opponents decide to join forces to accomplish a task which no one normally would think they would do but this is exactly what is taking place among the establishment politicians in Washington.
Up until the present time the two political parties have carried on the charade that they were enemies and this charade by the two parties hierarchy has effectively worked to mask the reality that they weren't enemies at all but were in league with one another with the common objective of staying on the public dole by remaining in office.
But there has been a change in normal political conditions in the country and inside Washington which has been quite disturbing to political business being conducted as usual by our representatives. The citizens have apparently awoken to the reality that they have a leftist rogue president in office who is now a lame duck president and have realized that he is bent on setting in place appointees to the Supreme Court and policies that will effectively determine how Americans will live for the next 2 or 3 decades or longer and they're showing their determination to dwarf this presidents actions. The recent unexpected results of the voters voting for outsider candidates has upset the establishment politicians from both parties and they're busily hustling around trying to figure out how they can deny the people's selection to be president and put one of their own in office. Whatever name the establishment politicians use, "brokered convention,"Legal confidence, in reference to his choice of progressive Supreme Court Justices that Obama want to stack the supreme court with. The results will be the same, the denial of the people's rights to choose how they are going to live their lives if the two Parties manage to carry out their grand schemes to dwarf the will of the people.