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Andrew D. Basiago for President in 2016

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4/7/2016 6:50:14 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Andrew D. Basiago is a Presidential Candidate who will disclose secret Government time travel and teleportation technologies, Mars visitation, and the truth about Extra-terrestrial visits on Earth when he is elected President. He has released 100 Proposals of Truth, Reform, and Innovation. These include re-investigating 9/11, repealing the Patriot Act, Freedom Act, and National Defense Authorization Act, banning Chemtrails, Fluoride, and Aspartame, opposing Transhumanism, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, de-criminalizing Marijuana, banning Fracking, monitoring the Police, shunning Mainstream Media and embracing Alternative Media, and many many more.

"Andrew D. Basiago is a prominent figure in the Truth Movement.
For more than 10 years, he has shared with the American people the true facts of our great nation"s accomplishments in time travel and Mars visitation.
He has done so as one who served bravely in the two secret U.S. defense projects in which time travel on Earth and voyages to Mars were first undertaken.
As a result of his courageous advocacy as a crusading lawyer, Andy is credited with ending the time travel and Mars cover-ups by the US government on behalf of the American people.
This arduous work in the vineyards of the Truth Movement represented historic breakthroughs in America"s understanding of our past and our prospects for the future.
Today, Andrew D. Basiago is running for President of the United States with a New Agenda for a New America.
He has vowed that if elected President, he will lead the American people into a bold, new era of Truth, Reform, and Innovation as great as they are great.
Join us in supporting Andy in his quest to establish a Presidency as honest, just, and ingenious as the American people.