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What Sanders needs - UPDATE

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4/21/2016 4:20:56 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is an update to the "What Sanders needs to win" thread.

After NY, it looks like this.
1,151 - BxS - Total Pledge Delegates won
1,451 - HRC - Total Pledge Delegates won

There are 1,400 outstanding Pledge Delegates still up for grabs. So, discounting the Super Delegates for a moment we get this.

Needed to win nomination
875 - %62.5 BxS - of remaining PDs
598 - %42.7 HRC - of remaining PDs

Now. Let's look at some Super Delegate math. From the b1tching and whining I see on the Internet, people want (DEMAND) representational distributions. SO...

540 - Total committed SDs
241 - BxS - SD count if proportional distribution
299 - HRC - SD count if proportional distribution

OK. So, the totals would be.
1,392 - BxS Grand Total Delegates
1,750 - HRC Grand Total Delegates

With 1,400 outstanding Pledge Delegates and 169 outstanding Super Delegates, that is 1569.

964 - %61.4 - BxS - Total Delegates Needed
606 - %38.6 - HRC - Total Delegates Needed

I love fighting for the underdog, and I love Sanders. He has done more than I thought possible. Further, this Democratic may just be sitting-out the top of the ticket for the first time in his life time. However, it is about time to just call Clinton the nominee.

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