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Trump would've won Colorado

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4/21/2016 11:31:50 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
The great people of Colorado are very smart, which is why the powers that be couldn't allow them to have a vote.

Confirming what we all expected, a poll conducted by Magellan Strategies (from April 5th-6th, so before the media blowup about the Colorado convention) Trump would've CRUSHED Cruz 44-34 if the people had been allowed to vote.

No doubt Trump's support would be even higher now as he has publicly defended the right of the people of Colorado to have a say whereas Cruz has continually bragged about their disenfranchisement.

"But thett, those are the rules" Yes, and the rules don't do a very good job of concealing the fact that these rules are designed to filter out public opinion as much as possible. The ideal way to have a presidential to have a presidential vote.

"But thett, Trump only lost because he didn't bother to show up to the Colorado convention. He's a dummy!" No, you're the dummy. He cancelled his showing because he knew that he wasn't going to get anything and it would've been a waste of his time.

"But thett, how can you support Trump? He can't even figure out the delegate rules!" Or...or...or...he DID understand the delegate rules (not hard to understand) but also understood that the party insiders who make it to the convention would never give him a vote and that it was beneficial to milk the narrative that he was being cheated for all that it's worth...and Cruz played right along.

I don't think this would bother me nearly as much if Cruz hadn't tried to pretend like this (along with his other voterless wins in North Dakota and Wyoming) signaled that he was gaining momentum. It's one thing to say "Look guys, this is the system and if we don't like it we ought to change it. But as long as it exists I'm going to put forth my best effort to gain delegates" and quite another to brag that you've won five "elections" in a row before New York. No you numbskull, you won ONE election in a row.
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: At 11/12/2016 11:49:40 PM, Raisor wrote:
: thett was right

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