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France proposed to destroy NATO

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8/5/2016 7:28:52 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
French general and political analyst Jean-Bernard Pinatel said that NATO continues to exist; it is the most advantageous only for USA and non-self-European countries. According to him, the Russian-Turkish alliance can help Europe to overcome Islamism. In turn, it is not favorable to the United States.
In addition, the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have changed his rhetoric in connection with the frequent terrorist attacks and did not talk about replacing the Syrian government. In this situation Russia's intervention in the Syrian conflict is very different from the double play and the hesitations of United States, said Pinatel.
Meanwhile, the relationship between Russia and Turkey, despite the recent controversy remains very strong. The events in France and Germany show the Europeans that NATO is not capable to protect them from the Islamists, while the Russian efficacy against ISIS makes one think of an alliance with Moscow.
It is noted that Russia has long been suggested that the United States act in Syria together. But Obama wanted to maintain the fiction that the moderate opposition in Syria still have potential, and did not go for approach with Moscow. Now, a new equilibrium is established in the Middle East. Russia returned there, and France lost its position because following the America.

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