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Obama two faced liar?

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9/24/2016 12:05:45 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Barack Hussein Obama (Self named Muslim name, raised in Indonesia, speaks the Kenyan and Arab languages, quotes the Quran by heart, but isn't a Muslim) has done lost his mind.

He railed against Clinton with pasdion, and fury and rage, igniting into an emotional rant about her corruption and lack of substance or ability, and then now has the nerve to go into a firey rant again to tell us just how spectacular and well equipped she is in the very areas he claimed she was a joke in before.

Barack Obama(the Jew/Christian/not but kind of a Muslim but not a Muslim.) You sir...are two faced and completely full of crap, nothing more nothing less. I digress. Barack Obama:

A: two faced

B: correct to play politics with the people

C: frustrated at his administration being a complete fraud and failure


Compilation of Obama railing against Hillary on one side and praising her on the other side-

(Video footage)


Obama's mindless rant about "MY legacy" that pissed off much of the African American community-
"What Donald Trump is doing is representing the absolute heartbreak, and anger, and frustration at a government gone mad."

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