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No Landslide for Trump

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11/10/2016 1:38:53 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
It looks like Trump is going to win by 306 - 232. However this was not a great victory.

1: Trump didn't win a popular majority. He narrowly lost the popular vote 47.5% - 47.7% or 220,000.
2: He narrowly won Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania or 55 electoral votes. Losing Michigan where he only won by .3% brings him down to 290. Losing Wisconsin where he only won by 1% brings him down to 280. Losing Pennsylvania where he won by 1.2% brings him down to 260 below the 270 needed. Losing Florida where he won by 1.3% brings him down to 231.
3: Turnout for young people, and minorities tends to be lower than for older people and whites. The former are the democratic base while the latter is the Republican base. If young people and minorities voted at an equal rate Trump wouldn't stand a chance. In 2016 they voted at an even lower proportion than expected.
4: Many Republican governors in swing states enacted laws that make voting harder which affects close elections. Check out this map for new voter suppression laws:
5: Trump only won because Hillary was so unpopular. Only 37.5% of Americans view Trump favorably compared to 41.8% who view Hillary favorably. Currently 53.6% view Obama favorably and it was 65% when he won in 2008. Trump's favorability is similar to Bush's at his lowest point in 2008 when it was between 32-40%.
6: The Russian government wanted Trump to be president since he is pro-Putin so they kept feeding hacked emails to Wikileaks but the same didn't happen for Trump. There was that leaked audio and claims there was even worse but that more didn't come out.
7: The timing of the FBI investigation right before the election wiped out her large lead and turned the election into a toss up.
8: The Republicans have a 52 seat majority in the Senate compared to 48 democratic seats which isn't the 60 seats needed to block a democratic filibuster, nominees to the Supreme Court require 60 votes. Also more radical proposals will likely get no votes from Republicans in less conservative states. Trump will be an unpopular president in a divided government and won't get anything done any more than Obama has.

This is not to say that Hillary is a great candidate. Trump won because she was so bad and a mix of bad luck as I stated above.
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11/10/2016 2:06:15 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Clinton had a record breaking $1 billion + campaign, the media in her back pocket, fed debate questions, the DNC behind her, the RNC against him.

He had an Electoral blowout of her, landslide where it matters.

Remove the fraud that was rampant this election and he most likely beats her in popular vote too.

The only thing I'll agree with you on is that she's a terrible candidate.

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