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Can the government shut my site down?

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3/8/2017 5:59:11 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I want to launch a website that is going to gather millions of people to "Ask God if we can have proof that our dead friends and family are still alive and are safe" with the point of the site being that "If we ask together, we increase our chances of getting an answer. If only 100 people ask, then obviously God is not obligated to prove to the whole world anything....but if 1 million people enter their name in the textbox to show they are willing to "Ask God with us", then now God is more obligated to give us proof and maybe even medicine, cures, help, proof-of-life, ect...

What happens if my site starts to get thousands of people typing their name into the box that says that they want to ask God with us...can the government do anything to shut the site down? When Jesus made this much noise, they labeled him a trouble maker and the court executed these times, it is possible that the government could say that my site 'threatens the peace' or something because if millions of names are entered into my site with millions of people waiting for the '7 day count down timer' to hit....well, let us just say that it will be the most controversial event in world history if God does not answer 22 million people worldwide at the end of 7 days...that is 22 million people who will receive an e-mail saying that "We are sorry...God will not answer us, will not help us, and will not give us proof that everybody who is dying is going to live or is safe"

What happens then? Will that be an official moment in history where people stop believing?

See what I am saying? I am not going to start the site...I want to...but I can't because I don't have the right people on my team...I would need anti-hacker, hackers, government support, everything...

The only way I see it happening is if I have protection from the government....if a million people say "If you shut the site down, we shut you down -- the government has no right to interfere with The People asking God, in public, for answers..." but what excuse can the government use to shut the site down...and if they shut the site down....what will the public (the people) do in response...what type of news headline will that be...."Government shuts down website attempting to ask God for proof of life after death" ?

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