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Strange/Inconsistent Way God Created Universe

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6/20/2012 4:23:24 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
A friend just described to me a meme he saw online. It shows God, as portrayed by the traditional wise, stern looking old man with white hair and beard, in the center. On top it said "6 days to create earth" and on the bottom it said "100 billion galaxies? One day."

Kind of amazing that it took him 6 days to make this tiny speck of a planet, and then he made 100 billions other galaxies in just one afternoon (the 4th day).

Also on this subject, why would God create 100 billion galaxies, containing trillions of whole planets and billions of stars - of which our sun is one - if the point of all his creation is apparently confined to planet earth? God only ever visits or seems to care about planet earth from all the trillions of planets he created. He didn't seem to create intelligent life anywhere else, and if he did, he curiously left that fact out of the Biblical account of creation of all life. Come to think of it, he doesn't even mention the extent of just how many billions of galaxies and planets and stars he created. Almost as if he didn't know they all existed.

Anyway, what's the point of all that creation if God tends to focus exclusively on one tiny planet and ignore the other trillions of planets which he created in 1 day (whereas earth needed 6)?

Also, how did he create light and darkness on the 1st day, and then the light sources on the 4th? How could there be any days at all without the sun and moon and stars?

In conclusion, which of the following is more probable:

a) the men who wrote the book of Genesis lived thousands of years ago and thus were simply unaware of science and cosmology as we understand them today - thus they didn't know that there exist literally trillions of other planets in the universe and billions of other galaxies, which is why the details of this part of creation are lacking in the bible, earth is described as taking 6 days of God's effort whereas the trillions of other planets took part of 1, and the bible says light existed before the light sources did.

b) an omnipotent and omniscient (totally perfect) deity created trillions of other planets aside from earth in 1 day, put no intelligent life there (or no intelligent life that he bothered mentioning in the bible), decided to focus exclusively on 1, which he took 6 days to make, and light/days existed before the light sources did.

I would say choice a) is far more reasonable to accept. I don't think it's a coincidence that the biblical account of creation is exactly what we would expect to see if the author was was a primitive man living thousands of years ago who was utterly ignorant of basic modern science and cosmology, like the trillions of other planets in the billions of other galaxies, and the fact that the sun/stars/moon would need to come before light/darkness.