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Foolish posts from the Gnostic viewpoint

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6/21/2012 2:25:32 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
To honor the posts of the Gnostic variety on this forum (You know who I mean)

To follow in the footsteps of those great Gnostics, I wish to reevaluate and present my own interpretation of the Bible.

I have come to conclude that God is actually a deformed multi-breasted woman.

After all, God clearly claims to be El-Shaddai. Directly translated to mean ‘multi-breasted'. Please do not bother to detract from the ‘Truth' with silly concepts like anthropomorphisms. All of that is irrelevant to MY TRUTH.

Now that this has been firmly established as FACT. I must conclude that Amy Grant is a lesbian and a lover of that specific female anatomical feature. I cite an example where the idea of such an entity gives her immense comfort be so ‘encompassed' by them.

Please focus on the sheer emotionalism she places into this song. Obviously a lesbian.

So concludes the obvious reality that I have supplanted with my own.
End Reductio ad absurdum.