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what is Soul?

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6/22/2012 10:17:49 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Pure Awareness (Soul) requires existence of 2 items. One is inert energy that is obtained from digestion of food (Annat Purashah- Veda). Second is nervous system, which alone can convert this inert energy into awareness on functioning. So, awareness is dependent on these two items but God is independent & does not depend on any other item.Matter (food) is converted into energy & awareness is a form of energy.

Thus, matter & awareness are inter-convertible. When a human being called "Ahalya" was converted in to inert statue & again when statue was converted into human being, this inter-conversion is proved. When Ahalya became a stone, her soul did not go to upper world. It remained there only. Awareness is an item of creation & so exactly duplicate souls were created by Lord Krishna when these souls were stolen by Prajapati. These points clearly show that awareness is a conversion of inert matter & a form of inert energy and an item of creation only.

If one accepts science, it is very easy to prove that awareness is a special form of inert energy flowing through nervous system while functioning. Robot is just duplicate of human being. Current flowing in wires is awareness flowing in nervous system.Information stored in chip is exactly information stored in brain. Brain is system of several microprocessors working simultaneously, which grasps all points regarding an object in one instance.

You treat brain as CD in which information is stored in the form of written impressions on matter or you can treat brain as the RAM in which the information is stored in the form of pulses by electromagnetic energy.This does not make any difference for a spiritual approach. It is a topic of science.Even in science a physicist does not differentiate matter and energy.Thus, in science it is clearly proved that awareness is inert energy only which on functioning in nervous system becomes a specific form by doing specific work. Infact,awareness is form of special work done by inert energy.