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Molinism cannot hold to free will

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10/12/2012 9:00:50 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Assume Molinism.

1) Molinism asserts that there are feasible possible worlds such that in each possible world, each agent in each circumstance will chose one option. This choice is free because in another possible world, a different choice is made.
2) Thus, within the context of any one possible world, each agent in each circumstance is only able to choose that which makes this particular possible world. Thus, within the context of each individual possible world, each choice by each agent in each circumstance cannot be otherwise. But the choice remains contingent because of other possible worlds.

3) Molinism asserts that God has exhaustive and definite foreknowledge because He actualizes one particular possible world, ruling out any actualization from any other possible world.
4) Thus, when God actualizes by creating this possible world, precluding the actualization of other possible worlds, choosing otherwise is no longer possible. (3)
5) Because choosing otherwise is no longer possible, choices in the actualized world become now-necessary becuase they cannot be otherwise (4,2)
6) Therefore, when we choose, our choice is necessary, and thus not free. (4)

What Molinism proves is that before creating, God has the free will to choose a given possible world with various choices being contingent. But those choices are contingent upon God's choice of possible worlds, not ours.

Symbolic form:

P = Possible world
n = choice in a given circumstance.
n' = alternative choice in the same circumstance.

P1 = {n1, n'2, n2, n'3, n4, n'5, ...}
P2 = {n'1, n2, n'2, n3, n4, n5, ...}
P3 = {n1, n2, n2, n3, n6, n'7, ...}
P4 = {n'1, n'2, n'3, n'4, n'5, ...}

P1 U P2 U P3 U P4 U .... is contingent, as any ny and n'y could be otherwise in the union of all P.

However, for any Px, only one nx is possible, and thus each and every ny is necessary in any Px. ny and n'y in one Px is not possible due to the law of non-contradiction. (I cannot choose and not choose something in one decision.)

In creating, we now have Px to the exclusion of all other possible P, therefore all ny and n'y in Px are necessary, and cannot be free.

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