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your honest reaction?

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3/7/2013 4:54:21 AM
Posted: 7 years ago

This is a 'holy spirits interactive' forum, you put out your problem, the 'holy spirits' reply back.

A person confessed why he felt worthless, and analysed his past behaviour, and the 'holy spirits' replied back. What did you think of the reply?

This is one of the most honest 'confessions' I've come across in my years of wandering through the dark corners of this place. You can actually feel him, and the sense I got was that he was.... truthful. He wasn't begging for forgiveness, wasn't overcome by guilt at something out of his control, he knew what he was like, and he knew it was his call to change himself.

There must have been some weaknesses, considering he WAS expecting a reply from the holy spirits, but acknowledge the baby steps.


The reply, was brutal. At least I felt so. Paraphrasing, the sense I got from them was that it was along the lines of ' Your past was your mistake. I was waiting for you to realize your mistake (the mistake being discarding my presence in your life). Now that you have, I will enter your life and make it all roses.

Apart from being incredibly heavy handed, it also uses a reverse psychology. IF you feel sad, it is because you are discarding me. If you feel you have accepted me and still you are sad, you have not really. It is moving the importance, and the acknowledgement away from the person 'confessing' to the 'holy spirit'.

I would have been nervous of moving on after that reply, to be honest.

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