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Is God the head of the Captain Coward club?

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3/13/2013 7:13:38 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Is God the head of the Captain Coward club?

Men rule politics and religions and set the moral rules that we all live by. Thanks to the fact that most child rearing is done by women, women may be the actual rulers of society. The jury is still out on that issue.

Men and women of good moral sense have traditionally chosen to put women and children ahead of themselves in situation where harm is in play. Moral men follow the Harm/Care tenet.

Men seem to think that it is wrong for men to place themselves ahead of their children when death is at hand. Men feel that it is their duty to their families to insure that their families survive, ----- even at the cost of their own lives. True moral men step up to this sacrifice and show their good moral sense that declares and calls for the sanctification of the family. This is one of the main tenets of morality. These men know good from evil and choose to do the good thing.

Recently, a man, be it by accident or design, found himself doing the evil thing and ended up ahead of women and children in the life boats.

The predominantly Christian world dubbed him Captain Coward.

As above, so below.

Christians are to emulate God and put his laws above all else. That is the first commandment.

God"s law, the opposite of man"s law, is to put Fathers ahead of women/spirit and children/life.

If we use the scenario of a sinking ship as an analogy, we see that God did the opposite of what good moral men have decided should be the standard by taking a seat in the live boat and leaving his son to die needlessly. Christians praise such an immoral, satanic action performed by God and have lined up behind Jesus" corpse to try to profit and gain benefits from this despicable act of pre-planned murder.

Christians should condemn their satanic God"s actions like good moral men have done, --- yet they do not. They prefer to follow Captain Coward"s ways and morals.

Is God the head of the Captain Coward club?


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