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Universe and God are One

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3/29/2013 10:32:43 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
God " Pure Spirit " ,

You are Life Love Energy and Light .
Eternal and Infinite God , Your Body is the atom and the sun , all the galaxies and other unknown bodies which make up the Universe , with all the different forms of Life that abound there of which we know not and cannot know their limits in space and time .
You my brother , you my sister , whatever your origins , your Religion , believer or not , you are a part of God .You too the horse , you also the rose .
God our Father , You are perpetual Creation and it is our duty , the evolved Creatures that we have become , to help in Your Work .
Jesus Christ , You are the Model of the best that God can give us : the Gospels are there to witness .
You truly deserve to be called " Son of God ", for after giving Your Life to save Mankind , God crowned You in the Resurrection .
We believers , in spite of our faults , live in hope of this Resurrection , by which God lets us share in his Wonders : even so we must wish it and deserve it .
Each one of us can find God in himself , through the message left in us by the Creation .
The following of any religion which holds sacred Love , Solidarity , Peace , respect for Nature and all Life help us to live according to God's Plan .
The gatherings of the faithful are proper to serve and honour You , as one of our duties towards You , our Creator

You can read my creed in this website :

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