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Plurpism v. Blorbism

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3/29/2013 12:57:45 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Plurpism is the belief that plurp, a green slimy cube, is the creator of the universe.
Blorbism is the belief that blorb, a blue blob, is the creator.

The evidence for plurp, according to the only plurpist on our site, True_Believer_In_Plurp:
[all the spelling errors are sic]

"1. No one beliefs in plurpism, therefor plurp getig revenge is why we get all the school shootings and violence, because peple not believe in plurp
2. If all people belief in falselie such as athiest or christian they doom by plurp
3. Thoswho say I false are lie becasue they not able to proof it false
4. Non plurpists like athiedt amd cjristian are doom because they go to jhell for not belief in prlurp.
5. This not satire, what I say is true.
6. Science evil because it make peopl;e nott belief in plurp. If all not belief in plurp world doom i n secs."

A blorbist, Kuoprell_The_Bluorp1099093894987859tr789,

"1. No, plurp not tru. You lie because plurp alse therefor ur argument false.
2. Blorb tru cause if peopled nobewlief in blorb, they doomed/
3. A quote from the one true holy bookj, Argumentum a la ignorentum de la blorb pope de francais:

'Blorbism is true because you cannot falsify it. Non-falsifiable=not false '
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