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Philosophy of Religion debates

6/4/2013 1:30:28 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Just a casual bit of advertising, but I help run a show on YouTube / vaughn called The Lying Ghost Show. Usually consisting of four to six members, we talk about philosophical, ethical, political and religious issues that come up and the battles that emerge between theists and atheists, such as the existence of God, and religion's impact on the world. To name some examples, we have had discussions on secular ethics, evolution/creationism & their relations in religion, Catholicism, etc.

We've already had YouTubers such as dprjones, AronRa, InspiringPhilosophy, and many more, on and taking part. Our show takes place live on Saturday between 7-9pm GMT (2pm-4pm EST). This is our EU edition, which generally involves more European guests due to the timezone. Our second show is on the Sunday (7pm-9pm EST) which is the American Edition, which again due to the timezone has more American guests. This all takes place live on Skype, which is then played live on Vaughn. This is recorded, and then accessible on youtube after the event.

Soon, we are also hoping to host debates. On saturday, we are having a debate on the nice, specific, niche issue of "Does God Exist". If anyone here is interested in taking part, I am looking for theists (though atheists as well) who would be willing to debate.

For more information, contact me on skype, at lorddevex3.
6/6/2013 12:21:34 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
At 6/4/2013 10:20:07 PM, stubs wrote:
If you ever talk about theological issues I would love to discuss.

If you can send me your skype details, or message me on skype (lorddevex3) I can be able to do this, yes.

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