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The Good Father

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6/9/2013 9:06:38 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
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The blow some smoke up your skirt society(group) has this active video on YouTube. The good Father Barron talks about abortion, Race, Race controls through Planned Parenthood, condoms, and AIDS in Africa. The trouble is his references to race and abortions are a bit bigoted (even if they were not meant to be). The statics are being abused to make a point about something that doesn"t really have a point. The race controls and Planned Parenthood conspiracy seeming point away from his Church affiliations/continuants, even though they shouldn"t. The good Father even goes out of his way to try and exemplify his Church with statistics about African AIDS by falsifying statistics and later refusing to correct said same on his video because this would give congress to the works of the Church in Africa.
So after listening to this video, what do you think?
The reference notes to his video are provided below.

0:04 back

0:06 harris

0:11 justin was glad was in a cab with group of

0:14 by war and fire colleagues

0:16 we're going to the airport

0:18 and a cab driver was afro-american woman

0:21 and she asked who we all work

0:23 and i say what were

0:24 a group that works for the catholic church

0:26 and that prompted a anti catholic diatribe that lasted pretty much the

0:30 whole

0:31 trip to the airport

0:33 as you fight about a lot of the usual things from birth control to women's

0:36 ordination too

0:37 the sex abuse crisis the pope in everything but

0:40 per strongest most passionate language was reserved for

0:44 the church's teaching on abortion

0:46 amber she said using the you know standard phrase

0:49 of don't you realize that women have a right to choose what to do with their

0:52 own bodies

0:54 now i'll confess may be out of fatigue your cowardice or some combination of

0:58 two

0:58 i didn't uh... in deterring much debate and the cab

1:02 but she came back to my mind rather vivid late last week

1:07 because we heard some

1:08 really chilling statistics out of new york city

1:12 namely that

1:14 forty one percent

1:16 of the pregnancies in new york city

1:18 and abortion

1:20 staggering forty one percent

1:23 among afro-american women

1:27sixty percent

1:28of the premises and an abortion

1:30and struck me was

1:32here is a lady afro-american lady who was complaining bitterly about the

1:35catholic church

1:36which is vehemently opposed to abortion

1:39well genocide

1:41of her own people is proceeding apace

1:44with the full sanction of american law

1:47there's somethin

1:48funny here there's something off kilter

1:50and you find it think a lot in what i call the anti anti abortion

1:55a crowd

1:56there's a lot of fun uh... confusion underscore a lot of ideology sat-sun

2:02a look at just a a couple things that i think there's a that is a great deal of

2:05of confusion i will just a three issues

2:08the first one is this

2:10we've heard for a long time that

2:11with requisite sex education in schools and especially with the availability of


2:17the number of abortions will go down dramatically

2:20the catch phrase you hear a lot from politicians as we want to make abortion

2:24safe legal and


2:28well look at new york city


2:30sex education happens at all levels of of the educational system

2:34and more to it work of receptors are as available as lollipops


2:41arthritic dole in new york just in the wake of the statistics remarked that hat

in large glass bowls usually reserved for candy you can now find condoms

2:51so there's no

2:53of shortage of availability of concept is in new york and yet


2:59abortions are anything that rare in new york city

3:02there maybe two of the situation africa here the same argument that we just make

3:06contraceptives more available

3:08it'll go down dramatically

3:11south africa man

3:13the latex concept of is as available as is in new york and the aids of epidemic

3:18is getting worse and worse

3:20words uganda for example were very strong absence program is being

3:24implemented by the government the a statistics are dramatically down

3:28so i think that's the first confusion


3:32his second and it struck me for a long time we've heard that

3:36pro-life people are insensitive to

3:39the terrible struggle involved

3:41in this decision sir

3:43to abort

3:44but they don't understand

3:45how women find themselves often in the vice of terrible of circumstances

3:51and only with great anguish make this choice

3:53now i don't doubt for a minute

3:55there are women who do indeed find themselves in this situation who do


4:00face tremendous anguish as they make the decision

4:03but let's be honest about this

4:06before t one percent of pregnancies are ending in new york city chapel the world

4:11that means a lot of people are treating abortion

4:14as type of birth control or a type of

4:17family planning

4:18in this means is a terrible coarsening of our moral sensibility seems to me

4:24that our sense of the dignity of life

4:27has been severely compromised

4:29usually commissioner would make

4:31the ancient greek stratas long ago

4:33that law

4:34and only orders society the practical way

4:37it also trains a society morally

4:40so what's legal it comes to be seen as well

4:44goat is legitimate

4:46what's illegal why should avoid it i was be a bad thing

4:49the fact that since nineteen seventy three and the roe v_ wade decision

4:53that we basically said abortion on demand is find is legally protected


5:00a million

5:02abortion taken place in our country since roe v_ way

5:06leads i would argue to a very intense coarsening

5:09of our moral sensibility

5:11that we have lost a sense

5:14of the dignity importance of human life

5:18as of figures like the forty one percent

5:20i think home just from that


5:24you know in the moral structure

5:27here's the third element and uh... it's something i think we've prefer f talk


5:32is kinda dirty little secret and everything back in some ways to that

5:35a cab driver in baltimore

5:38who can't out

5:39in light of this recent statistics about sixty percent

5:42of the pregnancies of after one and and and uh... abortion

5:46who can val

5:47that abortion is disproportionately harming


5:52and people on the margins in our society the founder planned parenthood was

5:56margaret sanger


5:59look her up and you too

6:01read her writings births anger was an advocate of eugenics which is very much

6:05in vogue and her time

6:07namely attended purifying of the race

6:10she felt that allot of


6:15 worry producing too much

6:16and they should be restricted in their reproduction

6:20and i understand it will she met a number of categories but one of them

6:23clearly was nine whites and you get that from her writings

6:26and i think one estes an old strange idea

6:30well i don't know consider this and

6:33repair ginsburg

6:35grand interview to the new york times magazine

6:37and of course the conversation

6:40putrid consideration of the hyde amendment that blocks a fede
While an otherwise educated intelligent person may still believe in the bible, that person would have no educated or intellectual reason to do so.

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