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Hebrew "roots" of Christianity.

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7/21/2013 2:29:57 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
My Christian Brother's and Sister's I would like to share this short post that I have been Happily posting on many Christian Forums that they have been inviting me to as they ask Questions about our Savior's Origins and Roots in the Hebrew lifestyle. Here you are. They enjoy the teaching of the Herisies of the Jehovah's Witnesses Doctrine so they can better witness to them.

Absolutely true you are. JW's as they are called by many on the Streets and forums are deceitful and use Christian doctrine as a front to lure the uneducated into their cult. The main heresy at the core of their lie is that Yahushua (Jesus) was a Creation and they deceptively use core Salvation Scriptures that Declare Messaih as Eternal to suck Christians into conversation, they then twist doctrine and destroy the belief of a believer slowly by introducing disgusting docrtine,
They are so foul. Brothers and Sister's unless you are adept with The Commands/Torah of Scripture, steer clear, they are evil. Not skilled in Scripture, but evil.

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