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God and His Universe

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7/9/2013 4:52:56 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Regardless of what you may believe in, there is One God, and His Name is Jesus Christ. Now I am here to tell you what I think will happen soon.

There is only one being in existence that wants hell to exist, and it is not God. Hell would be Satan's playground, where he would get to do whatever he would want to, to all its inhabitants, forever and ever. Hell is also supposed to be really hot. What do you think people will do when they find themselves down there? They would cry out to God. It wouldn't be fair for God to ignore them and keep them down there forever.

The rest of us - whoever was good enough to make it to paradise - how could we go on living happily with the knowledge that somewhere in the universe, the worst things ever being done to people are happening, day after day, forever and ever?

The universe is so big. There are, as of now, an uncounted amount of galaxies throughout the universe. When Jesus Christ returns, our population will keep growing, so why wouldn't we move outwardly from Earth? Also, once all the dead have been resurrected, how could Earth fit all of them?

I believe that all people can be spiritually rehabilitated. Why couldn't there be spiritual rehabilitation centers throughout the universe, even for the really bad people, to "right" them while instilling discipline and modernizing and industrializing the planets they are on? They wouldn't be forever prisons - God the Father would be able to intervene in everyone's lives in the universe when Jesus Christ is active and visible. People everywhere would have incentive to be the best they can be because they would know that 1) God is watching them, 2) They will never die, and 3) the universe will be at peace, forever.

Seven years ago researchers claimed that they found the origin of the universe with a telescope, and I remember thinking, "Can that really be it?" Recently, God answered that question in a dream, in which I saw a globe of the universe. It looks something like:


As for Satan, I believe that God should turn him into a young man and send him to a spiritual rehabilitation center. He shouldn't get to be an angel anymore, especially when all he wants to do is torture people for the rest of eternity.

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