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Kings and Chronicals and Reagans Wisdom

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7/10/2013 11:05:39 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
You know how Reagan said "Freedom is never more than one Generation away from extinction"

Well I've been thinking about that as my personal bible study lately has got me interested in getting a perspective on the history that takes place during the years the nation of Israel was split into two kingdoms.

Josiah was a king with a heart like David, and he did amazing religious reforms and removed pagan shrines that even Solomon had put up hundreds of years ago. he restored a great zeal for true worship of God according to the bible.

and yet upon his death all that zeal for God vanishes and Judea turns back to worshiping there own idols that God hands them over to Babylon as punishment for there sins.

a generation that experienced a great national spiritual revival was followed so quickly by one of spiritual apathy and intolerance towards Gods prophets.

when a preacher comes to your church nostalgic for the day's of George Whitfield or Alexander Campbell, waiting for the next great awaking to start, remember just how short a thing like that is. for one generation alone does such revivals last, anything you want to carry on farther has to be done with great care and attention as you put your efforts into passing it on to your child.
One act of Rebellion created all the darkness and evil in the world; One life of Total Obedience created a path back to eternity and God.

A Scout is Obedient.

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