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Ask your Creator

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8/23/2013 11:03:16 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Most people pray for the things they need (selfish ambitions) rather than ask their Creator who they are in Him or what His eternal plan is. A saint is God's tool to hear His people ask questions so that He can answer them through the mouth of His saint. A saint is one who can't use his old sinful nature to deceive God's believers ( one's who listen to the gospel preached by a saint ) who ask Him questions.

If you ask a question with the idea to try deceive God with your own interpretations ( lies from your sinful flesh ), like this, "What religion do you belong to?", you will not get an answer that you were hoping for. That's because God created religion to deceive His people from knowing Him so how can He answer this question in the way you expected it? You might have expected the saint say he was a baptist or Mormon or some other religion because you had no idea that God created religion as a deception.

If you ask God a question like, "How did you create me", then God will answer your question.

Ask God a question that doesn't contain any selfish ambitions from the flesh and I'm sure you will get an answer that will satisfy your spirit.

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