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9/26/2013 12:41:31 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I feel angry whenever there are certain things Christians think you shouldn"t say or do. Some Christians, whether they are Baptists or Methodists, will never be a good friend of yours if they are religious. It"s impossible. It is absurd, then to be looked at like a serial killer when all you said was the word "Hell," regardless of context.
Mentioning a word out of confusion or shock turns a peaceful crowd of Christians into a lynch mob.

Yes, I support some Christian values. Yes, I feel that Jesus was a good person. Yes, I believe in Jesus.
But I don"t believe in tearing down trees or forests just to build a new church so a greedy clergy man can make more cash. Trees are more useful than churches.

If a 500 year old tree with great historical value was torn down because a church had to be built, then I have news for you guys.

You"re all stupid.

If someone decides to tear down forests for a church, and uses God"s favor as an excuse, it was not God who decided to take down the forest. It was a work of man.
If someone decided it was right to kill babies and women in the name of God during the Crusades, then it was only a group of people who did it, not god. And Christians criticize Muslims for being cruel. If you ask me, Islam and Christianity are tainted by the same poison.

I have seen enough of this stupidity to know that there is no point in taking out a verse from a book, written by who knows when and who knows who, and then relying on it. Christians believe that the Bible is God"s evidence and proof of his existence. If there"s a mistake, they believe you need to resort to faith.
To require proof of God is not the same thing as having faith in God. Why do you bother to even trust in the Bible?

Let me quote a verse:

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that is may minister grace unto the heavens

-Ephesians 4:29

Definition of Edifying: providing moral or intellectual instruction.

This verse can mean many things. Most Christians interpret it as proof that you should not swear. But this verse never mentioned anything about swearing. The word "edify" does not mean you should not swear. To "edify" is to teach someone how they should act or think, according to what is right.

But even Christians have different opinions on what is right. This verse doesn"t even directly mention anything about swearing! It could easily mean another thing. This verse could mean that you should not use words to lie or cheat people, which qualifies as corrupt communication. Swear words are not mentioned specifically here.

If a verse can mean many things, who are you to say what the Bible is? Who are you to say what the Bible supports? Who are you to say that it is the word of God?

One of the Ten Commandments clearly states that you should not kill.
And yet, in another chapter, in another two versus, Exodus 21:24-25 condones violence. It clearly says you should give an eye for an eye or a burn for a burn.
According to those verses, you could say that if someone tries to kill you, you should kill them.

The Bible contradicts itself. You can"t say you believe in the entire Bible if so many verses say contradict with each other. These contradictions are used to mess with your mind so that you may be a sheep in a herd, which is what every Christian wants to be even though they"re human beings who could do much more than eating grass and following a shepherd.

There is no free thinking at all. You are only going against one side in favor of yours. You choose to label people who are not Christians as "sinners." You feel that you are giving people freedom by taking away freedom.

And if God killed Jesus for all of our sins, then God did a pretty shitty job at letting everyone know about it at the time that happened. Why else does he need missionaries to spread His word when He can"t spread it himself? Jesus died at the hands of men, not God. Men killed Jesus because he broke the law and was against the status quo. What kind of an almighty God needs men to do the killing for him when he can do the killing himself? What kind of God takes lives anyway?

The Bible says that God caused the Great Flood because he was shocked at Man's sinful nature. If a human being were given the same capabilities in the form of technology, and did so because he was shocked at humanity's "faults," I highly doubt that any Christian would support what he planned on doing.

For one thing, most people would feel that that human has some kind of emotional weakness and should be stopped. So a Christian should fear and worship a God who is fearful of His own creation? What kind of argument is that all about?

Compared to all the people who saw Jesus die, they are a very small number of people compared to the rest of the world. If Jesus died for all our sins, God would"ve let everyone know, but apparently, the Chinese never knew of Jesus back then. No one in Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, or Africa knew of him.
The only time when they did of hear of Jesus was when many of the Western powers decided to kill off innocent lives to take resources from others. The Puritans, for example, imposed strict laws as soon as they got away from Europe. You could not play music, and women were treated as nothing more than things.

And then, as religion became more powerful in the Americas, the Americans used it on the natives to "save" them.
And the Indians were "saved" by God as their women and children were slaughtered like animals by soldiers who didn"t take orders from God, but from a bunch of greedy, lying bastards like Andrew Jackson. Jackson, a man praised for being a good, loving Christian and freedom loving American, lived his life as a racist drunkard who became President.

And this racist, drunk president decided to have the Indians go on a wonderful vacation to their wonderful concentration camps with little food or supplies. Why? Because according to Andrew Jackson, colored people are nothing and deserve no freedom, even if they are Christians.
And to say that the natives were being "saved" applies to American history? The real American heroes were not a bunch of racist, lying, greedy bastards who treated women and slaves terribly.

America"s true heroes were people like Martin Luther King, the man who gave all he could to free others. That"s a good Christian value, and violence was not one of his tools. And what about Geronimo, the Apache man forced to fight for his people against Mexico and America because he had no choice? He is a hero not for fighting alone, but for defending his people when defeat was certain. He was never the aggressor in the first place.
And who calls Geronimo a sinner? Most likely a Christian, even though Geronimo's people were being prosecuted, which a Christian would go against if that was happening to their own faith.

But the violence caused by religion doesn"t end there. In the Middle Ages, Christian soldiers fighting in the Crusades would kill people in the so-called "heathen" lands, which included, again, women and children. Once again, this is the same practice the Muslims use.

Islam started in the Middle East, and so did Christianity. Both of these faiths condone the same violence over and over again, and it makes me wonder why they choose to be enemies if they love being a bunch of murderous hypocrites so much.

So if I say something that you religious clowns interpret as something offensive and evil, maybe you should think about the evil things your faith did. And don"t bother praying for me too, because if there"s anyone who needs saving, it"s you. You need saving from lies, and if you"re a Catholic, you need to be saved from the pedophiles in the Clergy.

Put up with it or shut up.
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9/26/2013 1:14:12 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
At 9/26/2013 1:07:59 PM, Rational_Thinker9119 wrote:
Didn't read.

Too long?
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9/26/2013 1:16:34 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
At 9/26/2013 1:14:12 PM, bladerunner060 wrote:
At 9/26/2013 1:07:59 PM, Rational_Thinker9119 wrote:
Didn't read.

Too long?

No, I just felt like being defiant out of spite due to the demanding title of this thread.

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