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Thought lost from talking because thought is

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8/4/2018 11:56:00 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
those who had existence from reality thought are only thought and they will lost from talking only from reality becfause they are not true and they are fake and if they would have come from reality part which was seen and heard to everyone in reality then they would be original genie or original god and that is why thought lost from talking of anyone from reality and they quickly change and forced to change otherwise if they dont change they lost and at any time they could die if they are not lie from any talking of truth. Life after death becomes a thought and thought is a genie who is forced to respond quickly and instantly and on becoming truth they continue to get believe from which they bring many things into reality and if they become lie by anyone then there health becomes bad and they die from just talking from reality which proves they are thought and they lost from anyone talking and from talking of truth they continue to live and get many things. They even come in reality but they dont remember if any life talks and says remember i love god and if life says he hates god then until life remembers they said they love god they remember life as they hate god. It means thought cannot become like life if they dont become true from reality talking.

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