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Jesus and Allah. . Middle East SCAM

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8/28/2018 8:07:14 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
It's 6 BC and Augustus is Emperor of Rome. . . Along comes baby Jesus. . . Waaaa

Baby GOD? Really. . . Who's his DADDY? We know his MOMMY. . . . And as a baby did Jesus float above his crib at night. . . . Did he start preaching at 2 months? Like NO MARY. . . I want wine not milk. . I am a GOD. . . . Waaaa. . .

Did Boy jesus chase girls when he was a teen ager? Of course not. . . Girls are BAD. . . Like EVE. . . . They eat apples and play with snakes. . . . Waaaa. . . . And what was his DADDY doing all of this time when boy Jesus was learning the utter STUPIDITY of ILLITERATE tribal lunatics trying not to get enslaved or killed by other tribal lunatics?

At what point does Jesus decide. . . . . To inform the JEWISH leaders he is the MESSIAH. . .
like he couldn't just show up like a MAN and get the job done as the all powerful GOD
or Son of the all powerful billions of galaxies and trillions of worlds creator GOD?

Oh, NO. . . No way. . . DADDY said i have to show up as an infant and learn the ways of his retarded HUMAN FRANKENSTEIN PSYCHOPATH MURDERING CREATION. . . .

Who ultimately decided JESUS was a FAKE and demanded his execution. . . . And loving spectacle. . . Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate most certainly complied. . . And young man Jesus was double crossed. . Whipped. . Beaten. . And nailed to a cross. . Where was DADDY?

So after 30 something years of total FAILURE. . . Boy GOD? Son of a GOD? JESUS was
attached to a cross. . . What a great GOD! All this effort to make a point to really stupid humans. . . . Then he disappears. . . . GREAT!

Later. . . Like 600 years some illiterate guy has a MOSES moment with his GOD? No it wasn't JESUS. . . Was it Jesus DADDY? Maybe. . . No one really knows. . . They just accept the story by this MUHAMMAD guy. . . And VOILA! Another GOD and another comic book
is attached to him and all must OBEY or DIE. . . . How wonderful!

Accept Jesus or go to HELL
Accept Allah or DIE

Both are the only true GOD. . . Forget the thousands of other GODS including the original JEW GOD. . . So WTF is going on in this small idiotic tribal lunatic region of EARTH?

The greatest SCAM EVER INVENTED to divide and conquer really stupid humans. . .

So far there are 2 billion hypnotized Jesus sheeple zombies at WAR and never ending conflict with neighboring ALLAH Muslim lunatics who also number 2 billion zombies. . .

GREAT JOB con artist GOD inventing psychopaths. . . . And these parasites are the creators of the "END OF TIMES" get it retarded HUMANS. . This is a SCAM. . .

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