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Religion In Schools

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9/6/2018 11:08:26 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Mother: How was your first day at high school dear.

Son: Aw well, We got some real lame homework, Like this question here: "What is the difference between Jesus Christ and Donald Trump? "

Mother: That's easy. One is a charismatic, Egotistical, Lying con-man and the other is the president of the U. S. A.

Son: What about this question here though: "What is the difference between God and Hitler? "

Mother: That's an easy one too. Hitler actually existed and he wasn't as bad.
Are you having religious lessons?

Son: Sort of. We are learning about religion as part of Mythology. Also, During English when we learn about using satire.

Mother: How about science.

Son: Are you joking?

Mother: Are there any interesting new students in your class?

Son: Well yeah, There is this new Muslim kid who just Emmy Grated here.

Mother: Immigrated dear.

Son: Yeah well, Some Christian kids reckoned that he had a bomb in his backpack so after school, They grabbed it off him and threw it in the river.

Mother: What? They threw his new backpack with his laptop and school books in the river?

Son: No, Just the bomb.

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