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The Zeitgeist Of Time And Morals

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9/6/2018 11:10:11 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Have you heard of the old circuses and traveling shows that were so common many years ago?
It would make one cringe now to think of all the bizarre acts they had back then. Like the freak shows where audiences would stare with delight at the bearded woman, The elephant man, And the original Siamese twins.

The zeitgeist of time moves our moral compasses along as our civilization continues to progress and such circus attractions would be considered as crude, Immoral and downright wrong nowadays.

It"s a bit like religion really.
Many of the old cultural customs and morals that come from religious scriptures written thousands of years ago were acceptable in such uncivilized barbaric societies.

Yet there are some people nowadays who belong to religious organizations that preach the persecution of minority groups such as gays.

Not only does modern society treat all people as equals but most governments have made abhorrent practices such as vilification of minorities illegal.

Is it really worth it to be labeled as a lawbreaker and an anti-social bigot just for the sake of subscribing to a failed, Archaic, Draconian system of beliefs that has no place in modern society?

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