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Pornography And Religion

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9/6/2018 11:49:03 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Mother: Son, I was tidying your bedroom today and found some pornography under your bed.

Son: Oh, Yikes.

Mother: I flipped through a few pages and it was full the most gratuitously obscene, Perverted sex and degradation of women I could ever think of and more; it was disgusting. We have brought you up to much higher standards than to sink to such a level of succumbing to this sort of gutter tripe. Where on earth did you get it from?

Son: I was at the mall and this man gave it to me and he said that if I wanted to know more about it I could go to a special place where he talks about and practices that stuff.

Mother: I'm glad that you had the presence of mind not to go there, Many people have been sucked in by these evil people and become addicts.
As for that despicable low-life moron, Just keep well away from people like him.
And as for that Bible, Your father threw it in the incinerator.

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