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Community Rehab Centres

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9/6/2018 12:00:51 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Here's a great idea.

It is clear that in the modern, Civilized free world, Religion is definitely on the decline. Religious followers are leaving religious institutions in droves. It stands to reason since people are far better educated and have access to more factual information.

So, What happens to all the many soon to be empty Churches, Synagogues, And Mosques?

Why not let these establishments do some good for once and turn them into rehab centers that cater for not just religious but all forms of addictions prevalent in today's society?

Hardened religious addicts will be in the habit of regularly attending these odd-looking buildings so there will be a ready supply of clientele to start with.

Local governments would of course, Take possession of the buildings and lease them to privately administered counseling groups. Perhaps plea bargains could be brokered allowing ex-preachers immunity from prosecution in return for community work such as tree planting and parks maintenance.

This is just an outline of what could be fair for all the community but perhaps someone has some better ideas.

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