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JESUS and ALLAH. . . Ultimate SCAM

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9/9/2018 11:39:15 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>

FYI Forum viewers. . . . I was raised "Catholic" and even was sent to a "Catholic" school up through 6th grade. I was confirmed through Catholicism.

I then learned completely - what they did not teach nor wanted me to learn.

This is why they are limited in their word usage, They don't want you to learn the facts and truth either.

>>>>>>>>>>NOW THE REAL TRUTH. . . Of the JESUS and ALLAH farce inventions. . . .

Be aware and research everything they say.

More like WHY BOTHER with these horrifically OBSOLETE old PARASITES obsessed with power and control to deliberately dumb down and enslave humanity into a flock of retarded fools. . . .

JESUS spits on these PARASITE clowns that parade around in Halloween Glory Gowns and play GOD
at JESUS expense. . . .

CATHOLIC? What the FCK does that mean?

What about all the other idiotic Church spins on the boy wonder GOD JESUS farce. . . . . No one agrees on the JESUS story and it is obviously a RIP OFF of the highly advanced SUMERIAN CULTURE which existed thousands of years before the JESUS JOKE and the Psychopaths that invented him. . .

The Roman Church is an extension of the old ROMAN EMPIRE it's built on FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE. . . . None of which is advocated by their BABY BOY GOD JESUS FARCE. . . .

Time for the Church and all of the retarded brainwashed CHRISTIAN BOZOS to be relegated to stupidity and MYTHOLOGY. . .

The Glor gown now becomes what it truly is. . A HALLOWEEN COSTUME for mind FCK psychopaths
. . . . TRICK or TREAT? TRICK. . . Absolutely. . . . TREAT? Yes for THEM not YOU retarded sheeple slave

Same goes for the Allag GOD psychopath mind and life MOLESTERS. . . GOD is a tool for assimilation and total CONTROL of a persons existence. . . . This is beyond CRIMINAL

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